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    1.    You do not need to purchase anything to enter and/or win.
    2.    Participants have to be 18 years and older. 
    3.    DURATION OF COMPETITION: The #iamathbchosen competition from THB hotels begins at 5pm GMT+1 on 8th January 2018 and ends at 10am GMT+1 on 29th January 2018. 
    4.   PRIZE: THB hotels will reward the winner with a (1) 5-night (5) stay for two (2) at a hotel in the company hotel chain under a Board and Breakfast basis, subject to availability in 2018. 

    5.   DESCRIPTION: 
    THB hotels will select the participants of the competition. These are those who have mentioned or tagged the hotel on Instagram during 2017. 
    Participants must upload a photo taken at THB Naeco Ibiza Class **** during their 2017 holiday or reuse the same photo for which they have been chosen to take part. To take part, participants must tag THB Naeco Ibiza **** (@thbnaecoibiza), using the hashtag #iamathbchosen and comment on the competition post whilst tagging a friend and then. Both (participant and friend) must follow THB Naeco Ibiza **** (@thbnaecoibiza) on Instagram.
    6.   CHOOSING THE WINNER: The photo that has received the most likes by 10am GTM+1 on 29th January 2018 will be the winner. 
    7. NOTIFYING THE WINNER: THB hotels will get in touch with the potential winner via a private message on their Instagram account and will also announce it using this platform. Two (2) attempts will be made by THB hotels to contact the potential winner. If said winner cannot be contacted (or is contacted but their identity or eligibility cannot be confirmed) or THB hotels has not confirmed that the winner’s notification has been received within one (1) working day of sending the message or the advert published or they have not complied with the official rules below, all rights of this potential winner to receive and use the prize will be terminated, meaning that the second photo which has received the most likes will be the winner.
    8.    SELECTION OF THE WINNER: The photo that gets the most votes by the 14th of February 2017 at 10:00 am will be the winner. 
    9.    ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE WINNER: THB hotels will contact the winner by e-mail and will announce it on Facebook. THB hotels will try to contact the winner twice (2). When the winner cannot be reached (or he is reached but he does not confirm his identity and eligibility) or does not confirm the reception of the notification of the winner by THB Hotels within one business day from the sending of the message or the announcement, or does not comply with the official rules, he will lose the right to receive and use the award. Therefore, the second photo that gets the most votes will be awarded. 
    10.    This contest is not sponsored, managed or associated to Facebook by any means.
    11.    Participants of this contest are only providing information to THB hotels. Participants are not providing information to Facebook.
    12.    THB hotels workers shall be excluded from participating in the contest. THB hotels reserves the right to disqualify any participant when: the rules of the contest are not followed; the contestant is ineligible, the contestant shows a fraudulent behavior or sends offensive or inappropriate images. 
    13.    There will be a single winner of the contest. 
    14.    When participating, all participants acknowledge and agree that they have entered the contest by their own will; that they have been provided with the complete rules and details of the contest in written form and that they understand and accept that THB hotels, the organizations that offer the prizes, their sponsors, organizations and immediate relatives, or their agents, members, sponsors, representatives or workers do not bear responsibility regarding the participation of the contestants and do not accept any liability for the damages, apart from the acceptance and use of the prize, including responsibility for personal damages and/or death. When participating, all participants agree to be bound by these norms and by the decisions made by THB hotels, which are binding in all regards.
    15.    All the federal and state laws, local taxes, insurances, licenses, sales taxes, enrolment fees, charges or any other rates or taxes on the obtained prizes are of the exclusive responsibility of the winner.
    16.    The participation in the contest implies the granting and authorization of all the intellectual and image property rights on the images, including but not limited to the participant's name, his voice, image, etc. Therefore, the participant grants THB hotels all the intellectual, industrial and/or image use rights to which he may be entitled.
    17.    THB hotels will not be liable for any illegible, late, lost or misaddressed image, or for the malfunctioning of the telecommunications, e-mail or Internet.
    18.    The prize cannot be exchanged by cash. THB hotels reserves its right to substitute the prizes for other prizes of equal or higher value.
    19.    THB Hotels reserves the right to pass judgements on situations not explicitly mentioned in the official rules. THB hotels will be the only judge in all the interpretations and its decision is final.
    20.    These regulations are of a broad nature and all the contestants and winners must be aware that THB Hotels reserves the right to establish the regulations of the contest that are specific to a certain contest. In case the regulations of the contest are in conflict, the regulations of the specific competition will be given priority.
    21.    The winner of the prize agrees that THB Hotels and subsidiary companies, related companies and workers will not be liable for the acceptance or use of any of the prizes awarded in this document. When participating in the contest, users agree with these regulations. In case you do not agree to be bound by these regulations, fully or partially, your request will be immediately cancelled and THB hotels will not have any duty towards you.
    These regulations shall be governed by the Spanish law. The regulations of this contest shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Inca, Spain.
    22.    Personal Data Protection. In accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999, we inform you that the data collected for the contest through the landing page will be included in a personal data file created under the responsibility of THB Hotels. These data will be exclusively used for marketing campaigns. The exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition shall be exercised according to current regulations, addressing THB hotels Via Alemania Street, 14 -6th floor 07458 Can Picafor - Mallorca - SPAIN

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