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    Here at THB hotels we are working to eliminate disposable plastic from all our hotels as well as our head offices in order to reduce plastic contamination.
    The initiative consists of eliminating single use plastics and gradually replacing them with other items made of biodegradable materials.

    Common items such as plastic water bottles and bags used to store blankets in the rooms will be replaced with alternatives made of longer-lasting materials such as glass and fabric.

    In order to achieve this aim, we have engaged employees and suppliers, but we also need the help and collaboration of all our guests.

    So here are a few ideas on how you can cut down on your use of plastic during your holiday:

    • Eliminate the use of plastic bags and opt for reusable alternatives.
    • Use a flask or reusable bottle for water instead of plastic.
    • Store your food in reusable containers.
    • If you’re planning a picnic, don’t take plastic plates or cutlery and remember not to leave any traces behind you.
    • Avoid using plastic straws, even if they are offered to you.
    • Use the hotel’s recycling and waste sorting points.
    • Ask us for details of our recycling and environmental policy.

    It takes 400 years for a plastic bag to decompose. Each person uses up to 238 bags a year, although only 10% are recycled, generating around 100,000 tons of waste each year. What’s more, the ink used to print the bags is highly toxic, and producing and eliminating them causes high levels of contamination. Their disposal around the planet kills numerous land and water species.

    If you agree that all this information is truly shocking, then join us in the fight to reduce plastic use.
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