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THB Class Felip ****

Hotel THB Class Felip
(Porto Cristo - Mallorca)

THB Class Felip the pioneer in hotel industry in Mallorca

The THB Class Felip Hotel is located on the sea front opposite the harbour, on Porto Cristo's Bay. The perfect place to enjoy your peaceful and relaxing holidays with the brilliant sunshine and ideal temperatures almost all year-round. 

Felip's privileged location allows a beautiful view of the blue Mediterranean Sea that ensures a truly memorable holiday. THB Class Felip has crowned Porto Cristo's beach for more than one hundred years.

When by the end of the 19th century the tourist industry started to flourish, the THB Class Hotel Felip opened its doors, becoming a pioneer and trendsetter of what became known during the 60ies as the international tourist boom in Spain and Mallorca.

Located in Porto Cristo, currently one of the main tourist destinations of Mallorca, our Hotel THB Class Felip was back then a small Inn that offered the possibilities of enjoying a nice meal or accommodation for the night in what used to be (at the time) only a small fishing village.

C/ Burdils, 41 - 07680, Porto Cristo, Mallorca

+34 971 820 750 / +34 971 820 594

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