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    World Bicycle Day




    World Bicycle Day

    World Bicycle Day

    World Bicycle Day is celebrated on 19th April with the aim to promote the use of this mode of transport, improve the rights of cyclists and highlight the health and environmental benefits associated with cycling.

    Here are 19 benefits of riding a bike:

    1. It makes you smile more
    2. It relieves stress
    3. You feel like you are flying
    4. It is easier and quicker than walking
    5. It is great for losing weight
    6. It improves your health
    7. Decreases the risk of having a stroke
    8. Good exercise for your body
    9. Gives you thighs of steel
    10. Good for better back posture
    11. Improves your sleep
    12. Improves digestion
    13. Prevents illness’
    14. Helps to decrease global warming
    15. It is the cheapest mode of transport
    16. Does not rely on fuel consumption
    17. Helps to reduce emissions
    18. It is easy to park as it does not need a lot of space
    19. Reduces traffic

    Have we convinced you yet? If the answer is yes, then read our blog where we give you tips on what to pack in your rucksack for all your bike rides. utiliza cookies propias y de terceros para una mejor experiencia del usuario.

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