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    Thousands of stories, hundreds of people, numerous journeys, 30 years and millions of experiences.

    In 1987, a dream was born which gradually became a reality. This dream consisted of creating experiences, dreams, family memories, romantic strolls and not just settling with a room in a hotel.

    It has now been 30 years since the THB hotels chain was launched. Since then, we have been growing and have become part of the lives of millions of people, something that is very gratifying indeed.

    With another summer now over, we would like to express our gratitude: for choosing us, for enjoying yourselves with us, for sharing your experience with us and helping us grow. We would also like to say thank you for coming back as, without you, we would be nothing.

    However, we will not be having a break as we will keep on working to make sure that, when you come back to one of our hotels, you will feel right at home. With this in mind, we will be making many improvements to our facilities.

    Would you like to know when our hotels open so you can enjoy the best holiday of your life?

    THB Gran Playa: 27th April 2018
    THB Guya Playa: 27th April 2018
    THB Cala Lliteras: 27th April 2018
    THB Dos Playas: 27th April 2018
    THB Sa Coma Platja: 1st May 2018
    THB Sur Mallorca: 23rd March 2018
    THB El Cid Class: 16th February 2018
    THB María Isabel:  9th February 2018

    THB Ocean Beach Class: 27th April 2018
    THB Naeco Ibiza Class: 0 4th May 2018

    Do not forget that  THB Los Molinos Class in Ibiza, THB Flora, THB Tropical Island and THB Royal in Lanzarote are open all year long.

    In addition to this, after having been open for a long time,  THB Felip Class hotel in Mallorca will close from 07/01/2018 to 23/03/2018. The reason for this is renovation, whilst still maintaining its classic charm.

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