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    Ecofriendly News




    Ecofriendly News

    Ecofriendly News

    THB hotels, as part of its commitment to improving and raising environmental awareness, has introduced the use of ozonated water in its establishments.

    The use of ozonated water eliminates the need to use chemical products in cleaning processes, and also guarantees practically unbeatable standards of hygiene.

    Ozonated water-based cleaning systems effectively save time, control costs and protect the environment, as well as preventing occupational health and safety risks amongst our employees. 
    A sustainability study conducted by Professor Gibig, Director of the Centre for Clean Products at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, USA, and the Ecoforum sustainability group compared ozonated water with traditional cleaning detergents based on 7 key environmental and health categories. The categories included energy consumption, air pollution, acids, water eutrophication caused by plant nutrients, greenhouse gases and particles. The study concluded that the benefit of ozonated water was higher than 97%. The University of Tennessee is one of the oldest specialised institutions, boasting multidisciplinary research units dedicated exclusively to environmental studies.

    We carried out a training session with our housekeepers to get them involved in the project in their capacity as key agents for change. Welcome to this major CHALLENGE!  

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