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    Feria de Málaga

    Feria de Málaga

    Málaga gets full of colour and magic thanks to Feria de Málaga 2015.

    From the 15th to 23rd of August our assistants will be able to enjoy more than 200 free shows, with 1.200 artists (95% of which are local). Invited artists includes names like Edurne, Rosario Flores, José Merced, Carlos Baute, Merche, Siempre Así y Efecto Mariposa.

    The event starts the night of the 14th to the 15th with the "pregón", Edurne's concert and traditional fireworks. For more than a week people attending this event will find on the different venues multiple activities, food stands and workshops that will complement this event's culturual and musical offer.

    Feria de Malaga is a tradition that goes back to the conquest of the city by Reyes Católicos on 19th of August 1487, and the first edition was celebrated just a couple of years later on that date.

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